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UFPCS is a new company based in Dubai. Strong of its experience in financial organizations, our professional team aid in company registration and establishing businesses in the United Arab Emirates. We are totally focused on building strong and long-term relationships. UFPCS specializes in the setup and administration of bespoke solutions and other related services. We support you and our customers all the way through setting up, maintaining and administrating. From the implementation to administration and reporting, our approach stays personalized to every project.

Our corporate services include:

  • Implementation

  • Incorporation & Establishment Services

  • Legal Administration

  • Accounting & Reporting



From the beginning, you can stay focused on building your business. We take care of all the rest. Our local people are qualified enough to provide legal entity administration, accounting and to connect you to the rights experts.

Our team will be working closely with you and other involved parties to accomplish the best start for your company and always in a reliable, professional and efficient approach.

Thanks to what it will be built, your company will be able to progress in a legal and accounting mindset, which is a real key to efficient corporate management.


Incorporation & Establishment Services

Our qualified crew takes care of our customers and their consultants to aid with incorporating new local entities. The bank account required for the incorporation of a new company can be established very quickly.

We guarantee the registration with local authorities is done perfectly, and that your company follows every local regulation and rule.

As we have understood every procedure and legal obligation to set up a company, the incorporation process is quick and helpful for you.


Legal Administration

Regulatory complexities and the need for business’ management are some reasons why customers come to UFPCS to bequeath their legal administration.

Our staff ensure that your company adhere to its requirements under local and relevant laws. If some regulatory changes emerge, they directly inform you with a positive approach as well.


Accounting & Reporting

Then, to solve complex financial reporting matters, our company can designate a team of accountants specialized in local accounting rules.

We aid to supervise your financial transactions across your global institution by ensuring your accounts and reports are perfectly correct and compliant with local legislation and accounting standards.

UFPCS wants you to be free to focus on your own business.


The Best Spirit for Great Results

Finally, all of what UFPCS makes is based on great values. We are always taking pertinent decisions that are ethical and match with legal obligations.

Quality, long-term partnership and integrity are all some values which lead our company every day. Our mission is to realize our customers’ project.

We ensure the transparency between our clients and our company is always respected. We consider that it’s really important to provide meticulous, beneficial information.